Front Sight Founder Membership $60,000 VALUE


Estimated delivery date: January 26th


This product is a LIFETIME Front Sight Founder membership to the world-class firearms Front Sight Founder Membership For Saletraining facility in Nevada.  Incredible value considering the quality and quantity of training available with this membership.

PLEASE NOTE: This is ONLY for NEW members.  If you are an existing member of Front Sight, you cannot purchase this as an upgrade.


Attend ANY AND ALL of over 70 Front Sight courses free of charge and as many times as you wish for the rest of your life!

Just ask anyone who has attended Front Sight. Their memberships are top notch.

What’s the Catch?

There is none.  The reason we are able to sell these $60,000 Front Sight Founder Memberships at a fraction of the cost as purchasing directly through Front Sight is because we invested heavily into the organization over a decade ago, giving us access to a discounted rate.  We now pass on the incredible value and heritage Front Sight has to offer to YOU.

Course Selection

This Front Sight Founder membership for sale includes the following courses (LIFETIME access):

Handgun Course Selection

4-Night Defensive Handgun
4-Day Instructor Development
4-Day Handgun Combat Master Prep
4-Day Defensive Handgun – Midweek
4-Day Defensive Handgun
2-Night Tact. HG
2-Night Handgun Skill Builder
2-Night Defensive Handgun
2-Day Tac. Handgun – Midweek
2-Day Tac. Handgun
2-Day Handgun Skill Builder – Midweek
2-Day Handgun Skill Builder
2-Day Handgun Combat Master Prep
2-Day Defensive Handgun – Midweek
2-Day Defensive Handgun
2-Day Advanced Tactical Handgun – Midweek
2-Day Advanced Tactical Handgun
Alaska 2 Day Handgun Skill Builder
1-Day Tactical Awareness
1-Day Concealed Carry Weapons Permit Course
1-Day Armorer’s Course – Glock
1-Day Armorer’s Course – 1911

Shotgun Course Selection
4-Night Tactical Shotgun
4-Day Tactical Shotgun – Midweek
4-Day Tactical Shotgun
2-Night Tactical Shotgun
2-Day Tactical Shotgun – Midweek
2-Day Tactical Shotgun
2-Day Shotgun Skill Builder
Alaska 2 Day Shotgun Skill Builder

Rifle Course Selection
4-Night Select Fire M16
4-Night Practical Rifle
4-Day Select Fire M16 – Midweek
4-Day Select Fire M16
4-Day Rifle Marksmanship
4-Day Precision Rifle
4-Day Practical Rifle – Midweek
4-Day Practical Rifle
2-Night Select Fire M16
2-Night Practical Rifle
2-Day Select Fire M16 – Midweek
2-Day Select Fire M-16
2-Day Rifle Skill Builder
2-Day Rifle Marksmanship Skill Builder
2-Day Rifle Marksmanship
2-Day Practical Rifle – Midweek
2-Day Practical Rifle
2-Day Precision Rifle Skill Builder
1-Day Precision Rifle Fundamentals
1-Day Armorer’s Course – AR15 Rifle

Auto Weapons Course Selection
4-Night Uzi Submachinegun
4-Day Uzi Submachinegun – Midweek
4-Day Uzi Submachinegun
2-Night Uzi Submachinegun
2-Day Uzi Submachinegun – Midweek
2-Day Uzi Submachinegun

Instructor Development Course Selection
4-Day Front Sight Instructor Development

Martial Arts Course Selection
2-Night Empty Hand Defense
2-Night Edged Weapons Course
2-Day Empty-Hand Defense
2-Day Edged Weapons

Other Courses
4-Night Child/Youth Safety
4-Day Instructor Development – Midweek
4-Day Four Weapon Combat Master Prep
4-Day Child/Youth Safety
4-Day 4 Gun Tactical
4-Day Advanced Integrated HG
2-Night Child/Youth Safety
2-Day Tactical Scenarios Course
2-Day Child/Youth Safety
2-Day Advanced Long Gun Tactics

Rope, Rappel & Climbing Classes
2-Day Rope & Rappel Skill Builder Course
2-Day Rope & Rappel
4-Day Rope & Rappel

Ready for a generational, life-changing experience with a Front Sight FOUNDER Membership?  Not only will you be able to attend all the courses above, as many times as you wish, but you will be able to pass your Front Sight Founder Membership on to an heir.

Here are some more benefits of this Front Sight Founder Membership for sale:

  • Attend ANY and ALL regularly scheduled Front Sight Courses Free of Charge at ANY and ALL Front Sight facilities now and any facilities Front Sight develops or purchases in the future!
  • Unlimited Stay at Front Sight Resort FREE while in a course!
  • Access to Purchase GUNS AT COST from Ammo Bunker and have them shipped directly to your local Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer.
  • Access to purchase ammunition FOR LIFE at 20% OVER COST
  • Your OWN Founder Members ranges while attending a course!

You have the opportunity to achieve a level of self defense Comfort of Skill at Arms that most people could spend and entire career in the military or law enforcement and still not receive. This is not marketing hype. There is a good reason why Marine Corps officers, and law enforcement firearms instructors become members at Front Sight… It is because Front Sight can provide them with more consistent and expert firearms training than they get from their own agencies.

The Front Sight Founder Membership will be transferred digitally to the customer after the purchase is complete.  You will receive a confirmation email as well as an email with instructions on how to receive your membership into your account.  You will see your membership right on your account under the “My Assets”.

PLEASE NOTE: This is ONLY for NEW members. If you are an existing member of Front Sight, you cannot purchase this as an upgrade.

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1 Founder Membership, DOUBLE Pack (2 Memberships), GROUP DEAL (5 Memberships)


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